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Allow/Disallow User Registration in Joomla

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user registration Hey there, Joomla fans! Tim Davis here. I'm a Joomla fan too.

Thanks for tuning in to today's Maintenance Monday Live-stream. It's getting late this Monday; it's about 6:30 here on the West Coast of Canada, but I have plans to start doing these earlier on Mondays probably starting in November, so that it is more Monday for your Mondays.

Today we're going to be looking at just a quick little tip.  Today I offered to help somebody in a forum, and I asked if they would like me to check out their site. To do that, they would need to create a super user account login on their website so I could log in, and they said they didn't know how to do that. So, I went onto one of my sites to make sure I could give them the quick steps to do that, and “enabled registration” on a site where I don't need it. Later, I was looking at this site on myjoomla.com which I use to manage all my websites and Joomla sites for my clients, and I saw this warning here that said, "Only enable user registration if needed," and this red arrow which said the item has gone up since the last audit and I thought, "What?" Then I realized yes, I had turned on user registration. So that was a great catch, a nice tip from myjoomla.com.

Now remember every month we give away a one-year membership to manage one site on myjoomla.com. Check out the card that's up top and I'm going to put links to everything else that I'm talking about down below.

Now let's just check out what we're looking at here. Here's that free Joomla install, a very basic install that I play around with for some tutorials and such. You'll see over here, in the “options” under login form it says, "." Unfortunately, I can't zoom in during live streams. If you have your Joomla site running and you don't want people to create accounts on it, then you probably want to turn this off because:

  1. there's just nasty BOTS out there that will keep subscribing to your site. In fact, I knew one guy who had a Joomla site. He was so super excited that he was getting all these new sign-ups for his site. I was surprised because he had done no work on it and had no content basically. When I logged in and looked they were all robots from Russia, so he was a little bit disappointed, although actually wasn't that disappointed because he didn't believe me. He said he'd rather enjoy the numbers than the reality.
  2. And of course, it just leaves your site more vulnerable if there's some nasty BOTS or attempts trying to abuse that system.

So, the way to turn that off, if you don't need people to be creating their own accounts on your site, is to log in to the back-end of your Joomla site and go to "Users" > "Manage." Click Manage and then when we get to there we will see on the far right "Options." I'm going to click on "Options" and here under the "User Options" tab "Allow User Registration:" yes or no. By simply clicking "no" and "save" you turn off user registration for your site.

Now we're going to come back to that in just a second. Notice here when I saved the cache was cleaned using Regular Labs Cache Cleaner and that will mean when we go back to this page and refresh I'm going to get a fresh view of the page, not something from the cache. Check out Cache Cleaner in the links below or in the card above. Refresh this and you'll see now, we cannot create a new account, nobody can register one through that link, it is turned off.

I also want to mention that another important thing to do to protect your site against BOTS registering, along with turning off “Allow user registration,” add reCAPTCHA to your site; add Google's reCAPTCHA. I have a tutorial already on the channel - card and link as usual. Check that out because that's a powerful component to setup on your site and will give an added level against BOTS or people trying to create profiles on your account when you don't want them to. Of course, if you want to allow registration then you would just turn that back on and click “yes.”

So, there's another little thing that you can do to maintain your Joomla site and get things happening the way that you want them to. I hope that is helpful. If it is, why not leave a comment below? Maybe talk about any experiences of BOTS adding lots of users to your Joomla site. I've got a friend, Rick from smartdrivetest.com. A few months ago, some BOTS went wild on his site. I didn't have "registration" off or reCAPTCHA set-up, and he ended up with like 2000 new profiles. They were all Gmail addresses and the system sent out confirmation links to Gmail addresses that exist and his IP got blocked and we had to clean it up. It was a huge mess. So maybe you have a story like that. Feel free to share it below, or if you have any questions or ideas for other Maintenance Mondays or other tutorials here on the channel then by all means leave a comment below, "Like" it, and please subscribe. If this is helpful, if I've earned a subscription, then please subscribe and ring that bell so you get notifications of new tutorials and new live streams when they're happening.

Before we head over to chat to see if anybody is there I will just sign off as I usually do. Enjoy your Joomla sites, and God bless.


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