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Auto Update Joomla ExtensionsHey there Joomla fans. Tim Davis here. I'm a Joomla fan too.

Today on a Maintenance Monday we're going to look at a little thing that I've been doing; something saving me a bunch of time. It is auto-updating some of your Joomla extensions. This is not something that's just available through free extensions but maybe it will help you to manage your sites a little easier. So, let's head on over to the screen here and we will take a look at what I'm talking about.

Let me just give you a little bit of background about how this has taken shape for me. I use a lot of Regular Labs Extensions. That's Peter Van Weston's site, and you know from other tutorials I'm a big fan of those extensions, a big fan of Peters. When Peter fixes, adjusts or makes changes to his extensions, he puts them out right away, he doesn't store them up. Consequently, if you're using a lot of his extensions on your sites, you might constantly get that notification that there's an update that's needed for your site.

His is one of the group of extensions that can be auto-updated through Phil Taylor's site Now for those of you who have been on the channel for a while, you know that every month we run a giveaway for a one-year membership to manage one site on The links are in the description below and eventually a card above. It is well worth the price, not only for this auto update feature but also for the myriad of other features.

Let me show you how this works. Here we are in the site. I have downgraded some of the Regular Labs Extensions that I have on the site here, and you'll see that there's updates required.

Now in this next tab I'm going to show you how my Basic Joomla site looks on You'll see down here, I'm currently managing 31 sites for myself and my clients. I'd be happy to manage your site if you're interested in that. Shoot me an email: and we'll talk about it.

If we look under Update, we’ll see here that it shows there are four extensions that need to be updated on the site. As we scroll down a bit further we can see this section here "Auto Apply Update When Available."

So, what happens is that each day when is looking at your Joomla sites for any extensions that need to be updated, there's a number here that they closely monitor, we can see they're happy with the quality of the developer, and so they offer to auto apply upgrades for that.

So, it's Akeeba Backup Core, and I have a tutorial on how to backup your site with Akeeba Backup, and the Core is free or the Professional version, Akeeba Admin Tools Core/Professional, JCE Editor, All Extensions From Regular Labs, Install From Web - Official Joomla Supported Plugin, and Weblinks Extension Package, which is an Official Joomla Supported Extension. You could turn on Auto Apply Update for all these extensions just by clicking on this green button, or you could just Auto Apply some of them.

Now I just want to point out that at the bottom here Phil says, "Make sure that you have a backup of your site." That is very important. Make sure that if you're going to use this feature you have auto backup set up for however you're backing up your website, because if you're going to be Auto Applying things you don't want to be stuck going back to something that's super old. Keep your backups fresh!

Now I also want to show you this. When you do apply this and it does Auto Apply or try to Auto Apply an update to your extensions, you will get an email telling you that's taking place. Here's an example email for my wife's piano teaching site that myJoomla has successfully auto-upgraded Regular Labs - Better Preview. It gives me a little email to let me know. Now if I want when I get that email, I can just click here, go check out the website, and make sure it's still up, that everything's good.

Over here is an example of an email when myJoomla tried to auto update Better Preview on my friend's This time it wasn't successful and so I got an email notifying me about that. Then I could go and check out and see why or see if something's up with that site. And it reminds you that it's not going to keep trying over and over again with an extension that there's some problem with.

Anyways, that's just a little maintenance trick that I have been using. It's been saving me a lot of time because I do use a lot of Regular Labs Extensions on the sites that I build and on sites that I'm maintaining for clients. If there's an average of 10 Regular Labs extensions on 20 of the sites, that could be 200 possibilities for updates. It's nice to just wake up in the morning or get an email during the day telling me that the site has been updated. It's just a little less work for me. Maybe there will be other extensions that Phil adds if he feels that they're safe enough to add to this feature.

So that's Maintenance Monday Livestream for this week. I'm going to sign off. Thanks for tuning in. If you're leaving at this point, thanks for watching. As always, enjoy your Joomla sites, and God bless.


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