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Changing the Maximum File Upload Size in Phoca Download

Phoca Download is a Joomla extension that manages file downloads and uploads on a Joomla website. This tutorial shows how to change the maximum file upload size allowed in Phoca Download.

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How to change to Phoca Download file size.

This tutorial will show you how to change the default upload file size in Phoca Download.

I have a client that wants to upload a large file, to make it available on his site, but it is too large ... it's larger than what the limits are set at by default with Phoca Download installed. So here's how to change that.

We're already logged into the back end of my client's site, and here we are in the control panel. We're going to go to components and down to Phoca Download and to control panel. Once the control panel comes up we will go to the top right corner to options, click options, and then go to the uploads tab.

Now here's where you can set all the parameters for controlling access, and uploads, and the size of files to be uploaded in Phoca Download. The first number of options involve a site that allows users to log-in to the front end and to upload files themselves. If you want to enable that, you could just say yes in this field and then the rest of it is self-explanatory … how many files that an individual user can have, and the maximum size of all the files that they have. So here, this is an 8-digit number, so basically 20.9 million bytes - that's roughly 20 megabytes. One megabyte doesn't exactly equal 1 million but roughly. That probably works out to about 20 megabytes. And then the user file upload size … How much they would be allowed? What's the biggest file they could upload? And it's 3.1 million here which is roughly about three megs. Do you want to enable the user to be authorized? for it to be public on the site? the language? and if someone uploads something do you want to get an email? and you would click here, and pick the user that would get the email. When something's uploaded do you want to update it with the latest version? and the option for play or preview a copy of what is uploaded. You can read all the descriptions in here.

Now here we get to “maximum upload size administration” and this is where my client wants to change the amount for their file. So right now it's set for this 3.145728, which is three megabytes. He wants to upload a file that is 34 megabytes. So, what we do here is type in 36 megabytes - that's 36 million bytes - and that's okay, it doesn't have to be an exact number. If you really want to make sure that you're covered you could go to Google, ask how many bytes in a megabyte then set your number high enough to cover what is required. Here we're set for 36 million, so that would be fine.

Now once I save these options my client will be able to upload a file as large as 34 megabytes, 36 million bytes. And the last option here is enable multiple upload administration.

When you're uploading files in Phoca Download you can do them one at a time or you can give anyone logged in as an administrator permission to upload multiple files at a time.

So, this area in the Phoca Download configuration area uploads is where you can control and set the size of files being uploaded to Phoca Download. As soon as I click save and close that number will be in there, and my client will be able to upload the large files and you'll be able to as well, if you set the number high enough for the file that you want to upload… keeping in mind one last thing.

The files that you upload count towards the amount of storage in your web hosting account so you might reach the maximum space allowed for your web hosting account, which may mean you're not allowed to upload anymore, or you'll be charged for overages. So, when you're uploading things, just remember to keep track of how much storage you have and what it might cost you. You may want to remove some things that you no longer need. Or maybe your site is just so popular. Then you need a larger web hosting package anyways to make space for everything that you're offering.

So that's how to change the upload limits in Phoca Download and a quick tour of a bunch of other settings as well. I hope that helps you.

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Thanks for watching. God bless.


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