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The Correct Location of the TMP and LOGS Folders

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Checking for the correct location of the TMP and LOGS folders in Joomla

Hey there, Joomla fans! Tim Davis here. I'm a Joomla fan too. Thanks for tuning in to the first of a new series of live streams that we're going to be having on Mondays.

Maintenance Mondays! We're going to take a look each Monday at a little thing that we can do to maintain our Joomla sites. It might be to get rid of files we don't need, organize the file structure properly, shrink down the size of the whole Joomla install itself, clean up our files and more.

So, let's get started. I'm going to be taking a lot of this information from the audit information from my Joomla sites that I get from "MyJoomla.com" that you can use for maintaining and also updating your Joomla sites. I've been using it for a little while now and it's got tons of helpful information. The thing I really like about this site is that not only does it have recommendations or find things or suggest things, but there's a lot of good learning material on there, so I've been picking up a lot of information on maintaining my Joomla sites or maintaining Joomla sites in general.

When you run an audit from “MyJoomla.com,” you'll get a snapshot of your site. That audit isn't just an external scan, it's an internal look at all the files on your install, and then you'll get recommendations and ideas and warnings and various things. Today we will focus on one here.

"Joomla Logs/tmp Folder Location Should Exist at Default Locations."

Now I've had a little bit of confusion about this over the years, especially for the log folder for Joomla. Should it be forward slash "log"? or forward slash "logs"? I was able to come to a definitive answer here from reading up on the information on the "MyJoomla.com" site. Just to show you here, click "Learn more" and read up, and we see that it should be "logs" plural. Now there are some cases where people program extensions or other things that may use "log" but it's important for our Joomla sites to be set up with the defaults in place so that when extensions that are set up correctly are looking for the temp folder or the log folder it can be found in the right location, and it's just an easy way to find your error file. So somehow along the way a lot of my sites have ended up with "log."

Now the fix for this is to log in to the back-end of your Joomla site, go to system, global configuration, and the first thing we're going to check is the system tab. And here we see the path to the log folder home/basicjoo/public_html folder and then “log.” Log and temp reside in the root folder of the Joomla install and this should be “logs.”

Now to change it, it's as easy as adding an S to the end and we'll just click Save. Now having saved that, and opened it in my file manager, you’ll see “Logs” is not automatically created once you change the address of the path here in the Joomla configuration.

Now I did do some other testing though and I found that if I try to log into the backend of my website with an incorrect password it registered that area and it created the logs folder. So, you don't necessarily need to create the logs folder in your hosting account; it will be automatically created by Joomla. But I also wonder if maybe every system that wants to access that, may automatically create the folder. Maybe as soon as any extension tries to write to “logs,” if it doesn't exist, maybe Joomla makes it. I don't know. The solution, to be safe, is to simply create that folder.

I'll do that right now. I'm going to create that folder: "logs." But I still have this old log folder. I don't need it anymore, it has become clutter because it's the wrong location. What I would suggest is first go into your old log file and see if there's any error files that maybe have some information for what you're looking for then go back up to the root, select the log, and just delete that. And now I know that I have logs in the proper location.

We can click back here to the global configuration and now we want to just double-check on temp. When I click on server I see "tmp" temp; it's in the right location and it's spelled correctly. So, I know that everything is good and I've maintained that part of my Joomla site.

Thank you very much for watching and for joining me on this journey getting more enjoyment and success out of our Joomla sites. As always, enjoy your Joomla sites, and God bless.



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