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Clean Up Your Joomla Control Panel of Unwanted Modules

If your Joomla Control panel is getting cluttered, simply unpublish any unneeded or unwanted admin modules that are published in your Active administrator template. How to do that is what this Maintenance Monday live stream is all about.

Basic Joomla Tutorials Maintenance Monday 030 screenshotHere is a fairly accurate transcript of this live stream - less the chat that took place afterwards.

Hey there Joomla fans, Tim Davis here. I'm a Joomla fan too. Thanks for tuning in to today's Maintenance Monday live stream here on the Basic Joomla Tutorials channel, episode #30.

Today's episode is not going to be about what I was hoping it would be about, but I'm gonna ask you for some help a little while later to set that one up because I have some problems breaking something so I could show you how to fix it. But I'm sure someone out there will help me break it. Anyways, thanks everybody for tuning in again today, if you're one of the regulars looking forward to catching up with you why not say hi in the chat? And if this is your first time watching on the live stream then welcome, glad that you are here. If you're watching this on the recording it would be great if you would subscribe to the channel and ring that bell so you get notification of new live streams and new tutorials when they go up. And of course, if you're watching live please give the video a like.

So my plan this week was, like I said, to show you to fix something that we discussed in the live stream last week and when before we get to that I'll tell you what we are going to look at today and that is managing the modules in the control panel when you log in as administrator to your Joomla site. Because there are some basic modules that are there but also as you add extensions they have their own, some of them have their own modules or little notifications or areas that they put on your control panel and it can get kind of cluttered if you're using that as a place to quickly click on links. So, why don't we head on over to the screen here and check things out? Remember every month the giveaway and the Basic Joomla tutorials channel: one-year on my.Joomla.com to manage one site or one month to manage unlimited sites and also a free one-year subscription to your choice of any Regular Labs extension from Regular Labs. So, be sure to head on over the basicjoomla.com and enter into that draw, into this month's draw.

All right, here we are in the back end of the Basic Joomla site - and let me just the reorganize the screen here - and basically once you log in you're looking at this control panel, in fact, let's make sure that I am still logged in, I am and so, basically the admin area has its own template. Just like the front end of the Joomla site has a template or templates depending on how you've set up your site and there are different positions and these are all modules: this last five logged in users, the top five popular articles, Community Builder news, these are all modules that have been installed that are there by default in the core Joomla or else they've been installed by other extensions that I have on this site. for instance, Community Builder or down here Jsitemap. As these add and get put in there when you first log in it can be kind of cluttered especially once if you're using the control panel once you're logged in you go and you want to go to a new area to do something. And so the way to manage this is very similar basically the same way to manage these modules is basically the same as managing modules for a front-end template.

And that is the goal so first we'll go to extensions and then we'll go to modules and I'm going to right-click and open a new tab and then here on the left-hand side we see site, we want to see these so these are all modules that are on the site and the front end of this Joomla site we want to switch to administrator. I'm also going - once that that comes up - we see all of these other modules that are assigned to different positions in the template of the administrator template and this one is Isis. If we go to extensions>manage right-click extensions and then down to temp right click and open a new tab and then over here I'm going to select instead of site administrator, you'll see that here is the ISIS default template that I am using. So, if you are using Hathor - or maybe you've gone and gotten adventurous and found another administrator module that you're using - that's basically where you can see which module that you're using.

Anyways back to the modules for the admin area here they all are and they will correspond to things that are on your control panel. For instance here's last five logged in users and if we go down here we will find logged in users and it's assigned to the cpanel position. All the filters will still work up here so if you only want to see things that are in a certain position you could filter by the cpanel position and you can also sort by order just like with modules in the front-end and articles and things such as that. All you need to do really then is if you want to unpublish get rid of that logged in user's module is click the checkmark. I'm using Cache Cleaner from Regular Labs so I have it set so that when I do actions like "save" or "publish" or "unpublish" it flushes the cache so I don't even need to refresh to empty the cache to refresh before I refresh the page back here. But once I hit refresh I expect that the last five logged in users is going to disappear and there you go it's gone.

So, if you're not particularly interested in seeing the last five logged in users or your top five popular articles or maybe you just don't want the Community Builder news for instance - and nothing personal against Community Builder news maybe you want it there - you can just work your way through the template through the modules that are assigned, the modules that are admin modules that show up on your control panel. So, let me just first of all clear search here so we get looking at them all. I'm going to turn logged in users back on because I want to talk about that in a second, but we could go down here and here's Community Builder news and I'm going to check both the updates and the news as another example, go unpublish, go back here, refresh and there you go the back end is tidier. Now it's not so much a big deal on my screen I have a big, big wide screen here with lots of room on it, but if you were to be using a smaller screen or just smaller resolution or maybe even you're logging in for the back end on your phone or on a tablet you don't want as many things there jumbling up the view that's how you unpublished the unwanted or unneeded modules that are showing up in your admin area.

So, I figured I would just show you that today as a Maintenance tip # 30. Just unpublished those and keep things tidy.

Is there a way to preview the positions on the administrative template as in the front-end template? That is a good question. Somebody out there right now knows the quick link to type at the top. That would be interesting to see. Let's check that. Can someone type that in chat? I think it's question mark TP or something like that that we can try.

The other thing too that I was wondering about, just as we were talking is this: if I go to logged in users are there module suffixes - yes so you could actually hide one from showing up on a mobile device. I think so. I'm going to try that again, we'll do that - that'll be another topic. I'm running slim on topics so we'll take a look at that as another topic, but that's handle this good questions here. Hajo, how can I add a component to the left menu for the BE? Left menu for the BE . . . just down here? Okay. I think that's what you're talking about right? I do not know and you know what Hajo? I was looking earlier, I was thinking, "I wonder where I would find how I would install an extension that would actually show up on the control panel?" Does it have to be designated for it? Because I did go to the template that I'm using in the front end of this site and I went to one of the modules that's under the front-end, and I did not see the module positions for the back end of the site either. So that's another good question. I should be writing these down.

Hey, listen, just for those who have tuned in order to see the tip for today and aren't going to follow through on the rest of the chat here, I want to thank you for tuning in and thank you for your support of this channel. As always, like I say, I hope that you will subscribe and give the video a like up - a like - and to ring the bell when you subscribe. Do stay around for the chat here while we get going on some things, but if you are leaving then thanks for watching.

Enjoy your Joomla sites and God bless.


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