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Configure Akeeba Backup Quota Management in Joomla


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akeeba quotaThanks for tuning in to today's Maintenance Monday Live-stream. Thanks for tuning in to today's Maintenance Monday Live-stream. Today we're going to look at how to configure quota management in Akeeba backup. If you keep backups you can, especially if you have a large site, fill up the space in your web hosting account, and you don't want to do that. Akeeba has some settings that you can use to manage that and keep your account from ending up full. 

Now I'm assuming that you already know about Akeeba backup. If that's a new term for you or you haven't installed Akeeba backup on your website then check the link below and do that because it is a great tool for backing up your Joomla site. Stuff can happen to your site: if the database goes south or something, or you get updating your site or installing extensions and something breaks, it's good to have a backup to go to. It runs while you sleep, or even if you’re not working on it. There is a free version of Akeeba backup and there's also a pro version which gives you lots of features that you can use.

Once you have Akeeba backup installed you go to "Components" and "Akeeba backup." Then click and go into "Configuration." Now I just want to show you in this tab, on this site I already have six backups and there are four obsolete backups as seen by these grayed out trash cans. Basically, what we're going to do is configure Akeeba so that it only hangs on to the number of good completed backups that you want it to, and that eventually it will delete older ones. You can leave reference to those backups or you can take them out altogether. 

So, when we go to this tab back into Akeeba we're going to scroll down just to this section here: "Quota management." 
The first option that you can set is how many "Obsolete records to keep." Basically, when Akeeba prunes out an old backup it will leave an obsolete record to show you that it took place; the log gets deleted and the files get deleted, but there is a record there to tell you that it happened if that information is important to you. Right now, you see we've got four. I'm going to change this setting to one. I only want to see one obsolete record. 

All right, the next option we have here is "Enable size quota." Basically, you can manage the backups on your site, you can have a fail-safe there. You could decide, "Well, I don't want really more than 256 megabytes of backups in my account."  Once the size of all your backups adds up to more than the number you set, the oldest one gets deleted. I've had sites where I only wanted a few backups kept, but for some reason the database had grown; it got huge and that started to create problems for me. If you want it as a safeguard just for space you can use that option there to enable size quota and you just set a size.

Finally, enable the count quota. This is where you set how many backup files you want to hang on to. You click that and you set the quota. I'm going to leave it set at 5, but activate that. So, the next time I run a back-up, it should prune down the number of existing backups of the site to 5 and get rid of these obsolete records and only have one. 
Let's do that now. We'll save those options that are there, and then go back to the control panel and do a quick back up. I give that a click again. There we go. So, we will let this run and then we're going to check the results of what backups are there. 

The backup is finished. We click "Manage backups" and you'll see now, according to the settings that we have, there are only five versions of complete backups, and there's only one obsolete version. Now with Akeeba, there are a number of ways that you can set that, so Akeeba automatically backs up your website - maybe every night or every week. With these settings, you could have a backup from each week back five weeks and if you ever needed to get something, or something happened to your site, if you hadn't checked it for a couple of weeks, maybe you went away on vacation and when you came back it was broken, or something is wrong, then you could go back to an outdated version. 

Thanks for watching. Enjoy your Joomla sites and God bless.


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