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Creating Galleries and Uploading Pictures to Phoca Gallery

Phoca Gallery is an excellent photo gallery extension for Joomla.  This tutorial shows how to create categories (albums) in and upload pictures to Phoca Gallery.

 Phoca Gallery in JoomlaThis tutorial will give a basic overview of the Joomla extension Phoca Gallery. It's a great extension for displaying images. It has lots of other uses as well: shopping carts, displaying products that you're selling, but this tutorial will just look at the basics of uploading images, creating galleries which are categories in this extension, and how to organize them and upload them.

We're in the back-end administrator area of the site already, and so I'm going to go to components, and down to Phoca Gallery. Let's just go to control panel. I've set up some sample categories with some sample pictures. So here there's a link that links to Phoca Gallery that I've created and you can see there are two galleries and they're named 2012 and 2013. If I click on the 2012 gallery, there are two pictures that are in that gallery and they're just flower examples.

At the back-end in Phoca Gallery, let's click on categories. You'll see that in categories we have 2012 and 2013. Think of these as galleries. In Phoca Gallery you create a category and then you add images that you've uploaded to the server to each category. You do this by uploading a picture to your server. You can assign it to many galleries if you want. You can also create galleries within galleries for displaying your pictures. I have on my computer a number of car pictures with snow on them, and let's say that I'm going to create a category called, "winter cars." Now I'm going to make it a subcategory of 2012. Within this category I have an option to put a description for the category: "Here are some pictures of cars and the wintertime. This is an example."

That's basically all I need to do right now. You can always go and explore other settings that are in here like the publishing options and whatnot. I'm just going to "save and close" and now we've got a category for winter cars created as a subcategory of 2012.

The next step is to upload the pictures that we want to include in this gallery. I'm going to click images here in the side menu, which will take me to the images window that shows what is uploaded already. This shows the flower images that are in Phoca Gallery already. But I want to upload and these images have already been assigned to categories. But this is not where I upload the images to. This can be a little bit confusing in Phoca Gallery but because Phoca Gallery has so many options, this is well worth learning the specific steps for uploading images and managing them in the gallery, because then it will really enable you to do the things that you want to do.

If we want to add a bunch of images, we go to "multiple add" and now you see here we have three options: upload multiple, upload, and create a folder. Now over on the right-hand side it shows the path on your server where your images that you upload to Phoca Gallery are stored. You can also create different folders within the structure to upload your pictures to, so it's another way to organize them.

Before uploading any images, I want to decide where I'm going to put those images, in which folder, and it must be displayed here in this path. We created winter cars in 2012 so I'm going to create a folder on the server, a place to store my winter car pictures, and this helps to keep track of where the pictures are on the server for later when I want to go and find them and assign them to a gallery or to a category. I click on 2012, and here are the images that appear in 2012. But I'm going to make a folder for winter cars on the server here. So, I go to create folder, and I'm going to go "winter cars." I put a hyphen in there; I don't like to just have blank spaces in folder names. If I go create folder it will create it on the server and I'll have these two images and a folder called winter cars. That's the folder that I want to upload these in, so I'll click on winter cars and now here I am up here: Phoca Gallery, 2012, winter cars.

Next, let's upload the pictures. I'm going to click on multiple upload and then I'm going to click “add files” and that will allow me to pick more than just one image. I can hunt and peck all of them or I can drag a box around them and upload them. Now I'm not going to upload these pictures right now because I've downloaded them with their file name from the webpage and you see that name is really confusing for these files. It's not going to mean anything when I look at it a few months from now. You have a couple of options: the best option is have your files named before you upload them. For instance, ”red snow car.” You know that's going to mean something when you go to upload things. Here is "snowy street." That's also why we want to have folders set up here, so that you have things organized the way that makes sense for you.

If you want to rename them quickly you could select them all, right click on one, and select rename, and then choose "snow cars." You rename that first, and as soon as I hit enter they all are named the same and they're given numbers. That's another quick way if you've got a lot of pictures from a Christmas party you could just say Christmas party 2012 or 2014, select them all, and they'll get renumbered.

Now, let's go to multiple upload, add files. Here's our snow cars 1, 2 & 3. I'm going to select them all, I'm going to click "open," and now here they are lined up ready to go, and I'm going to just click "start upload," and these images will start to upload and they'll be traced as that's happening. When that is done, we can “refresh” and you will see now here in Phoca Gallery 2012, winter cars are there.

They're not in a gallery yet but they are on the server now, and the next step is where we add them to a gallery. Alright let's just call these images "winter cars" and the alias will be assigned by Joomla. What category do we want these images added to? Well let's add them to 2012, winter cars. And as soon and we select that, everything's good and we'll just go to save and close.

Now when I hit save and close it's going to start to not only add the images that we've uploaded and that are selected now to the gallery, but it's going to create thumbnails for them. When we hit “save and close” you'll see a picture pop up while it's making the thumbnails. We can also filter by which ones you want to look at. For instance, select the category, winter cars, filter out, and we'll be given these three: winter cars, winter cars, winter cars. They all have the same name but they're different images and they have a different file name where they are on the server. Now type a description of it, choose publishing options, and any other options that are available to do with each picture that you've loaded. Close that.

Now when we go to the front here and click refresh we see the three galleries: 2012, winter cars, and 2013, and when I click on winter cars, those three pictures will come up, and here they are for us to view. You can open them up individually in a size that your Phoca Gallery is set for, you can go through like a slideshow looking at one, you can push play, or you can refresh.

That's a basic overview of how to add images to Phoca Gallery. I hope that helps and hope that you enjoy working on your site. If this video is helpful, hey leave a comment, give a “thumbs up,” and subscribe to the channel. That'd be awesome. God bless!


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