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How to add Google's reCAPTCHA service to Joomla

Google's reCAPTCHA service will help protect your Joomla site from spam and abuse - especially from false Joomla user accounts being created by spambots. A Joomla site with reCAPTCHA installed on it has much greater protection against bots that make fake form submissions.

This tutorial shows how to add this free service to your Joomla site.

Here is the relevant transcript of this video:

A Joomla tutorial to set up Google's reCaptcha plugin on formsThis tutorial will show you how to add Google's reCaptcha service to your Joomla site. It protects your site from spam and abuse.

I'm logged into the admin area of the firewiseconsulting.com site – they are one of my clients - and we want to go first of all to Extensions and then Plugins. Once we're there, we're going to filter for all plugins that have "cap" in the title and that will bring up the "reCaptcha" one. Click on it.

Now you'll see that this particular one is set up for version 1 of reCaptcha and so we're going to select "2." Now we need to get a site key and secret key for this domain. To get to the area to pick that up we'll click on the link in the description in the plugin here - google.com/recaptcha - and if you're already logged into your Google account you will be brought to this screen and you can just click on “Get reCAPTCHA.” Otherwise, you'll have some extra steps to login to your Google account.

Now, this is not one of the domains that I already have set up for reCaptcha so I'm going to add it right now. Add the domain and the owners. Check it over that I typed it correct, and I'm going to leave "send alerts to owners" clicked. Everything looks good there, so now we’ll click register.

Now we have the site key, copy that, put it in this field, and we have the secret key, I'm going to copy that, put that in the secret key field. I'm going to go up to disabled and enable this plug-in and go save and close.

Now the site has CAPTCHA activated on it, but if we go to the site itself and click on “,” you'll see that the code does not yet show up underneath the form. That's because we now need to go to System, Global Configuration, and in the Site tab we want to go down to Default Captcha and select Captcha-ReCaptcha as the default Captcha. We'll go save – on this site the cache is cleared every time I save something. You might need to clear the cache before you refresh your page - go Refresh and now we have the captcha code. When someone is creating an account they will fill out this and click the box saying they're not a robot and be able to proceed because robots won't be able to click that box.

That is how to add Google's reCAPTCHA to your Joomla site. I hope the tutorial was helpful and if it was why not give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching. God bless.


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