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How to Remove Old Gantry 4 Versions from a Joomla Site


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gantry4 removal tutorialHey there, Joomla fans. Tim Davis here. I'm a Joomla fan too. Thanks for tuning in to Maintenance Monday Live Stream here on the Basic Joomla Tutorials channel.

As always, on Monday I try to do a live stream showing some maintenance items to do on sites. Often it is something I have to do on my sites so maybe you're in the same situation as me today.

For some time now, I've been meaning to deal with a few of my websites that have two versions of Gantry running on them. Now the Gantry framework is put out by Rocket Theme. I had a lot of sites using Gantry 4, version 4 templates, and when Gantry 5 came out I started using that, but I noticed recently on some of them that I hadn’t remove Gantry 4.

A while ago, someone asked on the channel in a previous Maintenance Monday about removing unused extensions and components. They asked, how can you tell when they're unused? Well part of it is knowing your site, and part of it is noticing components you've upgraded and yet still have older versions that weren't removed.

Let’s head on over to the computer screen here and talk about Gantry here. This is the Gantry.org site. If you want to learn more about Gantry, if this is new to you, then go over and check it out and see some of the free templates that they have that you can start building with your site. My tutorials about Rocket Theme are some of my most visited but it’s probably because it's one of the most specific ones I that I have.

I do want to show you how I discovered that this was happening. When I was logged into MyJoomla.com, that's Phil Taylor's site, I noticed that I had some sites still using Gantry 4 and I checked to see which ones they were. So how do I safely uninstall Gantry 4?

First, I click on Extensions in MyJoomla.com and I see a list of all the Extensions that are being used on all the web sites I'm managing with MyJoomla.com. If I type up in the corner "gantry" and "search" you'll see there are some sites running plg_system_gantry_5 and some using System-Gantry4. Next, I click next to the blank Gantry 4 Framework - it doesn't show a version - and I'm going to click "manage" and I'll see when I get to it MyJoomla.com will show me what sites I have that version of Gantry installed on. There are three here. This is showing in red because MyJoomla.com is reminding me I need to update that site to the latest Joomla and coincidentally, this is the site that I want to fix.

Now, I'm going to click on "manage site" and that is showing me all the information I need about different things. I login to that Joomla site and check to see how many versions of Gantry are running on it. MyJoomla.com shows I'm running Gantry 4 on this website here. I login to the backend of the site, go to Extensions, go to Manage and then to Manage and click on that. All the extensions are paginated in this Joomla install. Once again I search for Gantry. Here are all the extensions and plugins and components that have Gantry in their name, and you'll see right away Gantry 4, Gantry 4 framework, and then many Gantry 5 extensions.

Now why have extra stuff in your install? It's more to backup, it's more to keep up-to-date, and I think it's very important to keep old extensions or components that you're not using off your site because it may lead to the white screen of death during future updates.

So, it is an important maintenance thing. Before you remove anything off your site, make sure you backup your site using Akeeba backup, just in case you remove something accidentally and you think, "Oh man, now the site's broken. I shouldn't have done that." If you have a current backup, you can restore everything right away.

Before uninstalling Gantry 4, I need to make sure I'm not using any templates that need it. To do that, I go over to Extensions, Templates, and we see that there are only two site templates on this site that are installed - protostar and Kraken. Kraken is a default template being used, and it says Gantry 5. I don't see any Gantry 4 templates there, so it is safe to remove now.

To uninstall, we'll go back to the tab, and it's as easy as selecting Gantry 4 and Gantry 4 Framework and going up and selecting Uninstall. Yes, I want to remove that, and once that uninstall process is complete then I know I've cleaned that up and everything should be good. Once that is complete, I clean the cache, or use that button that's there from Regular Labs Cache Cleaner, and then I'm going to preview the front of the page, and there we go. That web page is working.

So, there you have it. If you have ever used Gantry 4 or you use Gantry 5 and moved up to Gantry 5 it might be worth just double checking to make sure you've removed everything that's not being used anymore with Gantry 4 and then you will have that little part of your site cleaner.

So that is my Maintenance Monday tip for today. Maybe it's a great way to introduce you to Gantry 5, just to check out and see some of the things that you can do. Be sure to check out the other tutorials I have for Rocket Theme and Gantry components here on the Basic Joomla Channel.

Remember to enter for that free one-year membership to manage one site with MyJoomla.com and remember also if you have any questions or any comments or ideas for tutorials put them in the comments below, and like this video, subscribe, all those great things that you can do to help show your support to the site and to the channel and to help other Joomla fans find the help that they're looking for for working on their websites. So that's it for me now, this week's Maintenance Monday, it's all over except to say, enjoy your Joomla sites, and God bless.


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