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How to Remove Unused Extensions

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How to remove unused extensions on a Joomla site.Hey there, Joomla fans! Tim Davis here. Thanks for tuning in to our live stream today. It's Maintenance Monday and welcome back.

This topic for today came to me earlier when I was helping someone with their website doing remote assistance help for them.  This person is learning to use Joomla on a site that their university has set up for students to experiment with. There are a ton of extensions and modules that aren't being used and that have been duplicated. It is confusing trying to learn their site, to see how it was working and I think it was probably confusing for them too. That gave me the idea for today's topic which is how to remove extensions that are no longer used or needed on a Joomla.

First, it can be very cluttered, so especially if you're learning to use Joomla, when you're looking at all the extra modules that are there, that aren't published, and trying to find a component and your mind is concentrated on learning, that can be something that just slows you down. Removing excess components also makes your Joomla site smaller; you don't have so many extensions installed, which means it takes less time to update, and you have to update your site less often because there are fewer extensions that are running that will be out of date.

Let's head on over to the screen here to the back end of this Joomla site here that I'm using for the templates. Before you go to remove anything make sure to confirm you're removing something that you don't need, and to that end, make sure that you back up your Joomla site before you uninstall anything. Back up your site and then you can always restore and find old information, and I have a tutorial on how to backup your Joomla site with Akeeba backup in the description below or a card above.

Now let's just look at a couple of extensions here. I installed these as examples of extensions that put modules right into your module settings so in no way am I saying these are extensions that you should remove, and I'm not saying these are extensions that are bad either, I'm just using them as examples. K2 is an extension that installs a bunch of modules which we can see here in the module area. So, there are lots of K2 modules and sometimes, at least on the site that I was helping with today, they were all unpublished anyways. K2 also puts in several plugins, and so there is an example of an extension I'm not using on this site and so it's a candidate for being removed, just to get rid of the clutter.

To remove an extension, click on extensions, mouse over "manage," and then click on manage and once you are in there find the extensions you want to remove. Here is K2. Sometimes you can just select the main component module of an extension you want to remove or you can select all of them. Why don't we just give this an experiment? We'll remove K2 administrator component, click on it, click on uninstall, and then we will just wait while it's doing that uninstall process.

So it is removed, and it removed everything that it installed and now we see here there are no more K2 extensions. Before showing this window, I sort it by ID number. If you sort by the column ID you can see the lower numbers are the things that are the oldest installed and they're usually the basic things that come with Joomla. If, however, you search the other way for the highest numbers, then you see what was most recently added and you can remove an extension that was recently added. That can be helpful if you've just installed a component and something seems to break, or you want to know what the most recent one is.

Let's look at one more thing. Another component that I'm not going to use on this site because I only use it for templates is JFB Connect. This is a great component for managing all your Facebook needs in Joomla so if you don't want to have to learn all the Facebook IDs and profiles and more, that is a super-duper extension. But again, I'm not going to use it on this site and it does put some modules on in the module area. JFBC - we'll filter by that name. You do get a few in there and this could be cluttered, so why not just remove JFBC.

We'll go back again to extensions, manage, and click on manage. We'll go to that list again and there's JFBC still filtered in there. Here again, we will select just the component. Let's see if it removes it all. Yeah, it only removed one. So, in this case, we want to select all of the ones that match JFBC, and I think we might also, to find them, could search by the type, filter by type, or folder ... maybe not in this case. Sometimes it's another way to group elements of extensions but I don't see it with this one. So we'll just select them all and we'll uninstall, and like I said these two examples that I'm uninstalling it's not because I don't think they're good or don't recommend them or that I do recommend them, although I would recommend JFBC.

That's just an example of how to keep your site lean, cut down on some of the confusion when you get looking for modules, and have less floating around in there that you don't use. That's my tip for today, for Maintenance Monday.

It is a good policy to remove components/extensions that you are not using on your site because they create clutter, you have to update them more often, you're not even using them, and it will make your site smaller. Be sure to backup before in case you delete an important extension. I know for instance in the case of Rocket Theme, they have a menu module that is unpublished and yet is needed on their site. You might look at that and think you don't need it and you could accidentally break the menu. That's an especially helpful and important tip if you've adopted a site, so you're working on a site that someone else built and now it's your responsibility, or you're now trying to work on your own site and your developer's not helping you anymore, or you're just kind of learning Joomla and you're trying to figure things out, you don't know where everything is, just be super careful when you're removing things and be sure to backup.

So that's it for this Maintenance Monday Live Stream, the official part. So as always, thanks for watching. Enjoy your Joomla sites, and God bless.


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