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Joomla! 3.7.4 Security and Bug Fix Released


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Joomla 3.7.4 Security and Bug Release is Out

So, the big news today, as we just change here, is this: Joomla 3.7.4 is out! It's a security release and it's a bug release and we're gonna look at that today.

Now if you know how to update your Joomla site you probably already have done it or you'll just go and do it, but for those of you that want a quick refresher or perhaps have never done it before, let's take a look and we'll tackle it right now. When you log into the back-end of your site you're going to get a notification that Joomla 3.7.4 is available. You could click the "Update Now" button or you could go to "Components" and "Joomla Update."

Now before you do any updates or do anything, make sure you back your site up because you never know what happens, what little glitch can happen on your server or something along the way, so that if something does go wrong you can at least back up to where you were and then try it again. Backing up your site is good because if you don't have a good backup of your site it's like getting a bad haircut. You just can't go back to how your hair was just before the haircut. But you can if you have a backup of your site.

Now if you're missing the “Joomla Update” option under the Components menu I do have a tutorial on what may help you fix that. It's already showing us "Install the Update." Click "Install the Update" and we will just wait. 

It's been updated. So, go ahead and clean your cache, that's Regular Labs Cache Cleaner and always test your site. So, let's preview it, and there you go. Joomla has been updated.

So, it's good to run the latest Joomla. Go ahead, install that security fix and get covered for I think it was about 50 bugs that were fixed in this version.

Thanks for watching, and as always, enjoy your Joomla sites. God bless.



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