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Resetting your Live Joomla Site after a Gantry 5 Install

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Gantry 5 Template takeover fix on a Joomla siteThis tutorial will show you what happens when you install Gantry 5 and a Gantry 5 Template when it suddenly takes over the main menu of your site. If you're starting a site from scratch it's not really a problem but if you're upgrading to a Gantry 5 Template with a live site it can be quite alarming when all your content disappears, and then trying to figure out how to get it back.

So here we are on the front page of the Basic Joomla site. I'm already logged-in to the back-end. First, we go to Extension and Manage; we’re going to Upload a Package File. We'll install the Gantry 5 package which I've already downloaded from the Gantry site to my computer. Once that is installed, we will see on a Refresh (clean the cache) of the homepage everything remains the same because this Joomla template that I'm using is an older version of Gantry.

Next, we'll install the template. I'm going to install "Kraken," which is the most recent one. I'll upload that and once that is done and installed, I'm going to clean the cache, go to the Homepage, and I'm going to “refresh.” We will see once this page refreshes that suddenly the site is taken over by the Kraken template and the Menu there, if I click Home, keeps going back to this Home template.

So, here's how to fix that if you want to get your old template back to the main template so you can begin to develop and shape your new template in Gantry 5.

In the backend of the site go to Menus then Main Menu. We'll see here that there is the Home Menu, but this Home, which points to Feature Articles is no longer the Default Menu. If we switched through this drop down here to Kraken Theme - you can also go to Menus and Kraken theme - you'll see there is a Home button there that points to Gantry 5 Themes Custom and it has been made the default link.

So, go back to the Main Menu (or whatever menu is your main menu), find the Home button or whatever was your default link and reset it back to default so that the star is on. Clean the cache and now when we click Home it will go back to the original version of the homepage.

Now you see Kraken is still the template that has taken over and if you don't want that yet for your live site the next thing to do is go to Extensions  then Templates. Go back to the Kraken Default and Kraken Home. Kraken Default is the default template; Kraken home is assigned. We want to set Gantry as the Default one, or whatever your original template was, go back and set that one to default. We don't need to change Kraken home assigned, what it is assigned to, because it is assigned only to the Kraken menu which no one has access to on your site.

When we hit Clean Cache here just to dump this out, we're going to refresh the page. Now we are back to the way the site looked before, which will allow you to go into Components, Gantry 5 Themes, and then configure your RocketTheme template through the settings in here without affecting your live site.

So that's how to fix the issue of a new RocketTheme Template using Gantry 5 suddenly taking over your site, to quickly get it back to the way it was before so you can edit and work on your new template and the new look for your site.

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