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Uploading Files to Phoca Download

Phoca Download is an excellent Joomla extension. It is used for managing file downloads you want your users to have access to. This tutorial shows how to upload files to it from within Joomla's back end administrator area.

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uploading to phoca download

This tutorial is a brief overview of how to upload files to Phoca Download. Phoca Download is a free extension for Joomla that is used for giving access to people to download files of various formats, so you can also use some security levels in order to control who can download those files.

In this tutorial, I want to show how to upload files through Phoca Download and assign them to a category so they're available for people to access on your website.

The example site I'm using right now is FSNA Fraser Valley West, the National Association of Federal Retirees here in Canada. It's one of the branches in British Columbia and as you'll see I already have a link set up here for office which links to the Phoca Download area. For those of you who actually work on this particular site, ordinarily office does not show up unless you're logged in with the board or executive access, but I've logged in just so we can see how the changes happen here.

If I click on office, we'll see the six categories that exist in the Phoca Download area of this site. This is 0 subcategories, and 0 files, but we're going to change that.

I'm in the back end of that site and we're going to go to Components, and to Phoca Download. Let's just go to control panel. Now if you are setting up Phoca Download or it's already set up on your site but you need some new categories, you do that by creating a category. And of course, we would just click on this category's link right here. Click on that and you'll see here's the existing six categories that correspond to the categories already on the site.

If you want to make a new category just click "New" and give it the title that you want. Let's just call this "Song Lyrics," and the category would take this name. You could also make it a subcategory of an existing category.

There's other options that can be used here. You could put a description of the category if you like, but that's how you create categories. It's very easy. I'm not going to save this right now; just “cancel.” We'll work with these six here.

Next, once you have your categories created, you click on "Files" here in the side menu, or if you're in the Control Panel, click on "files" here. Now there's just a couple of steps that need to be done in the proper order for everything to work out.

First of all we're going to add a new file to Phoca Download. So, I'll click "new" and here we have a place to put a title for the file. I have created two sample files. One is a sample word document. I'm going to title that right there for the title of it. Where do I want to make this? We'll just skip alias, that will be assigned by the software. Now which category do we want to put this in? Why don't we put it in "other" since it certainly is an "other" type file. That's great.

Now the next thing to do is link this particular file to the file that would be downloaded. So, to do that, instead of typing in the name here, what we do is click "select file name" and that will open up the folders within the website where documents are stored in Phoca Download. Right now, there's only one called "user upload." But why don't we create one that will match the category that exists in Phoca Download. Now we see here it's greyed out but it's "other" so I'm going to create a folder. I click on there and create a folder within this root. Here's where things are right now within this root, and I'm going to call it "other" and I'll create that folder. Now there it is there.

Now I want to upload a file that is the sample word document. It's going to upload to the folder that I am viewing and where I'm viewing is just in this Phoca Download folder, I want to put it in this other folder and this just sort of helps keep things organized in the back-end of the site. So, when I click "other" now we're viewing the other folder. It says there is no file but that's going to change in a second.

Next, we'll go "choose file" and when I click "Choose File" it’s going to open a window that shows where files are on my computer, and here is an example word document that I created. I'm going to upload that now. I could click that, and click open or I can double-click and now it's there ready to be uploaded. I click "start upload." It's uploaded and now it shows up in the list of documents, "example word document.docx”. Now all I do is click on that document name and it will be put in the file name and that's all we need to do.

Now there's other things you can put down here. You could put a version, an author name, authors website... these are all options for ways that Phoca Download would be used. Check those out sometime. If you want a "confirm license" - if you're going to have a license somewhere on your site where people accept that if they download this file you're not responsible for anything that happens - you could set that up and say "yes," you must confirm the license and somewhere in there we'd have to create that, so we'll deal with that in another tutorial. Basically, we can go down. You can click which user has uploaded the file or you can leave that blank.

Finally, down here we get to "description" and this is like any article or content in Joomla. So, “This is a sample word document to download from Phoca Download.” That's pretty much all that we need to do now and we've saved it in "other".

There are other things that can be checked out here: publishing options, when to start publishing this file, when to remove it, plenty of options I'll leave you to explore… metadata options, if you want these files to be found on the internet, this is a great place to put in the description and keywords, and mirror details if you were running a site that was somewhere else (if you have a mirror site because you're getting lots of traffic and you set that up), and YouTube options if you're using this to handle YouTube videos.

But let’s go back to general options, sample word documents or title. We've already uploaded it, and I'm just going to go "save." Now when we save that and I go back to the front end of the site and refresh this page we'll see we have 0 subcategories and other but we do have one file. And when I click "other" and go into that area now we see that example Word document.docx there ready for download and there's the description that we typed for it.

If we click "download" it asks us where we want to download the file to on our computer. And when someone's downloading this, of course it's important for them to remember which folder it ends up going to. But they can always download it another time. So, we could save and it downloads.

That's how to upload a file to be available according to your permissions that you set up in Phoca Download. So why don't we just do one more file.

Let's go back to this tab. Here we've got the previous one open, so I'm just going to save it and close. Let's do a new file. We'll click "new" and then we'll go give it a title. This time let's call it, "sample PDF" file. Leave the alias blank. Let's put it in the same folder "other." All right, file name. Let's select the file name. Now the file is not yet up on a server and we already have this folder that was created that is basically the same name as the other category, so let's go into that folder once again. You have to do that each time you upload a file. There's the word document that we uploaded, but now let's choose a different file and then we'll use this file here, "example PDF document." Double click on it. It's already chosen there, we see its name, truncated because it doesn't fit in between these two buttons, but we know it's there. Now we'll click "start upload." It's now uploaded to the server to this file location, "example PDF document," so we'll just click that title. It's there. Go through all these other options if you're interested in them or using them and we'll give this a description, "This is an example PDF file to download." And I think that's all we need to do. So we're just going to go "save and close."

Now when we go, let's just refresh this page, we're already in the "other" category and now we have two files. We have this Word document and we have this PDF document, and there's the description we just typed. Why don't we download it? I can even download just by clicking on the name of the file and I will save it to “downloads” and when I click on that, there is the document that I just downloaded.

So that's sort of a basic tour of adding files to Phoca Download and also creating categories into which you want to have your files organized. I hope this tutorial helps.

If you have any questions leave a comment and I hope you subscribe to the channel or even just give a “thumbs up” for the video. Thanks for watching.


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