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Use Gzip Compression Whenever Possible in Joomla

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maintenance monday 002Hey there, Joomla fans! Tim Davis here. I'm a Joomla fan too. Oh man, stick a fork in me I'm done as far as the stuff with these live streams. I had another one start up without sound … Anyways it's going now.

Thanks for tuning in to this second edition of Maintenance Monday, episode #2. We're going to be looking at something else that we can do to maintain our Joomla sites and have them running efficiently and quickly.

Today we're going to look at another recommendation that comes from using Phil Taylor's site, MyJoomla.com. Remember, that every month we have a giveaway on the site: a one-year membership to maintain one Joomla site on MyJoomla.com. All you have to do is enter, so check that out.

Today, we're going to check out is this recommendation to use Gzip compression whenever possible. Now you might be asking, "What is Gzip compression?" I'm going to put a link in the description below, to the Wikipedia page on what Gzip is. Basically, Gzip is a format used in HTTP compression, a technique used to speed up the sending of HTML and other content on the World Wide Web. So, when you have Gzip enabled, it basically compresses the files that are being sent from the server to the web browser of whoever it is that's visiting your site and so compressed files - smaller files - means faster transfer rates. There’s a link down below to tell you more about what Gzip is.

Now I've got a special window here before I change to go to the back end of the Joomla site. I'm using it to block the information for the database for this site, so the details of this particular site remain private.

So, we're logged in to the back end of the Basic Joomla site here, and I've gone to system, global configuration, and opened up this system global configuration page. To turn on Gzip compression all you have to do is click “yes” in this field right here in the server settings.

Now before you do that, make sure you've backed up your Joomla site. I'll put a card up here and there is a link in the description below on how to do that for your Joomla site. Also make sure that you can access the web hosting file space for your web site because if there's something configured in an improper or conflicting way on the server that you're hosting your site on, if you turn Gzip compression on it might lock you out, or it might make it hard for you to get back in to your site. You might get the white screen of death. In which case, go into your file manager, and go to the folder that your Joomla site is installed in, go to configuration.PHP, and then turn Gzip page compression off. You should be able to see from some of the other options in that configuration file what it is that you would do to turn that off.

In order to turn Gzip page compression on though, all you need to do is click “yes,” save and close, and that will be on. Now I have Gzip turned on by default for all accounts on my server, so doing this right now for the Basic Joomla site really doesn't make any difference because everything's already being compressed. But it might not be so with whoever it is you're hosting with. So, to make sure your Joomla site is sending out as fast as possible, one step you will want to do is enable Gzip compression.

So, there you have it. Another handy tip for Maintenance Monday from an audit done on MyJoomla.com. I'm going to wrap this up right there. 

Oh, one other thing I did want to say at the end there - I should've said at the beginning was - the thumbnail for this video! It looks like I photo-shopped the white hardhat onto my head but actually, this is a legitimate, real, dirty hardhat. But watch this crazy magic right here. When I put it on, it turns like absolutely snow white; there's probably a sermon illustration in that somewhere, but that's another story down by the river bank.

Thanks for watching. As always, enjoy your Joomla sites, and God bless.


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