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Using eXtplorer to manage files in your Joomla install

If you have files in a Joomla extension that does not give you the option to delete files you have uploaded, the Joomla file managment extension "eXtplorer" is a great solution to use. It's also a handy tool for other file management needs within Joomla. Just be super careful to not delete or move files that need to be where they lay!

Here is the relevant transcript for this video:

Use eXtplorer to manage files in your Joomla install.This video tutorial will show you how to delete files when it's not possible to within the actual extension where those files have been uploaded. To give you an example, let me use the component Phoca Gallery. I'm using this one particularly because one of my clients is having issues trying to remove some files that were uploaded to the wrong folder.

Here we are in the backend of the basicjoomla.com web site. We’ll go to Components > Phoca Gallery > Control Panel. Here in Phoca Gallery when you're going to upload images you upload them to certain folders that you create on your account on the server.

If I click on Images, we get to this place where we can add files, add pictures, and here is the file structure that I've just created as an example. In the tree on the server here (some of this is blurred out just for security reasons) we have a folder called Avatars then I have a folder "I don't want this folder," "Keep this folder," and a folder "Oops." I also have three pictures here that are in the root.

Now I have uploaded pictures to the wrong folder before with Phoca Gallery. Instead of uploading to the "Keep this folder," where if I click on there, there's the pictures that I want, I have accidentally uploaded the pictures to another place. I want to be able to delete these, but as you can see there really is no way in Phoca Gallery, no option anywhere for deleting these images and these folders. This doesn't affect how it looks on the front end of the site, but the whole point of having the structure in the back, of creating folders, is so that you can have things organized and not cluttered on the server, especially if you're starting to get close to maxing out your size.

So the way to delete these files is to first of all notice where the images are and the extension you're trying to delete files from. This is Images > Phoca Gallery.

Now you click Close. I have installed an extension called eXtplorer. We'll see it right here: Components > eXtplorer. Basically, what it does is give you file management access to your entire site. As you can see, here are all the folders and files of this particular Joomla install.

Now at this point be super, duper careful because you can really mess things up good by deleting the wrong files or miss clicking and deleting the wrong folders in here. You can restore your site from a recent backup, but that's a pain and you don't want to break your site. So, remembering back where we looked, we saw that Phoca Gallery folder was inside of Images. I can open “Images” up on the tree here. Images > Phoca Gallery, and there's the same structure that we saw in the extension.

The other thing too, is that you can always just click on Images and then double click on Phoca Gallery and you'll see the same thing. From there, it is straight-forward: very carefully select the files or folders that you want to delete. I don't want these three here, so I'm going to hold the Ctrl button down and I'm going to pick those three then click delete. There you go. They're gone.

Now these folders too that I don't want, I don't want the "Oops" folder so let's delete that, and I don't want the "I don't want this" folder, so we'll delete that.

This is a great component for managing files, not only deleting but you can copy or move files around using eXtplore. But again, like I said, be super careful that you're deleting only the files you intend. If there's a way to delete the files from within other extensions, use the safeguards that are built into those.

Once you're done managing your files, you can click on “Back to Joomla.” That will take you back to your install. Let's go to Components, to Phoca Gallery, and we'll just go to Images and now we can go to Multiple Add and that's going to bring up that file structure again for us. As soon as that loads in ... there you go. All we have to keep is this folder and inside it is the images that we want. Everything's a lot tidier and that's the way that it should be. Although of course it's not always the way that it is.

EXtplorer is a really handy extension for getting at files that you can't otherwise.

So, I hope that's helpful for you. Enjoy working on your site, and if this was helpful why not give a thumbs up or subscribe to the channel.

Thanks a lot. God bless.


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