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Using VEL - the Joomla! Vulnerable Extensions List

It's one thing for a #Joomla extension to have an honest, vulnerability by mistake in it. But when crypto mining scripts are intentionally being put in a Joomla Extension: Mama ain't got no time for that! Whether the vulnerability or hack is there by mistake or on purpose, you need to use the Joomla VEL - Vulnerable Extensions List - to help keep your own and your clients' websites safe.

joomla velToday's topic is the Joomla Vulnerable Extension List - the VEL.  Rapicode has a backdoor in it - an opening for other software and other things to be loaded in there. What I saw was the back door seems to be loading mining code. Of course, that mining code is for bitcoins or cryptocurrency. Programmers buy special computers to get the best processing speed out of them but another way around that is to infect computers all around the world and make them work and earn you some money. 

So I thought we would take a look at the Joomla VEL, the Vulnerable Extension List here today. I know many of you already know about it, and I do I have a tutorial or a tutorial about it on the channel. I think it's probably more than a year and a half old. But I thought, why not just check this over and see how to use it and what's happening today with it.

So "vel.joomla.org" is where we're at, and there are basically three main uses for using the VEL. 

1. Update any extensions on your site that have had a vulnerability found in it and have been fixed, and a release is out. To do that - we're in the "How to use this site" paragraph here - go over to this link here "resolved VEL." Right click and open in a new tab. Here is a list of all of the extensions that recently have been on the vulnerable extension list but have had their vulnerabilities corrected. So for instance, March 30th, 2018, Prayer Center 3.0.2, which is terrible timing because last weekend was Easter weekend, but they have already released the fix for the issue with the vulnerability that was found in their software. And of course a lot of these vulnerabilities are just accidental. They're not intended. They've either been found over time or else perhaps the programmer has forgotten or missed something, and a lot of them  be vulnerable. You could go down there and see if there's anything on here that you use. In fact I saw this AcyMailing 5.9.5 just from March the 27th, so I'm gonna definitely want to make sure that all of my clients are updated on that. Now, we go back to the VEL site.

2. Is mitigating. Here we can check all the known vulnerable extensions and the live VEL sections. Right-click on that, open in a new tab and here is a list of the stuff that is vulnerable but yet does not have a released fix for it, and so this category lists vulnerable extensions for which no patch exists. So take a look down this list and see, is there anything on here that you use on your site or that you use on your client's site, that is something that you need to deal with right away. It may just be something like, for instance, let's scroll down here, Simple Calendar  3.1.9 an SQL injection. That might be something you look into. You might unpublish that on your site so that it's not there, put up a little module saying "calendar is being currently worked on." See what's up with Simple Calendar, contact them or maybe you're gonna have to look for something new. And I'm just speaking very generally. I don't know anything about the Simple Calendar, what's happening there. But here's a whole list of things and of course the one that we just looked at, the Rapicode, All Free extensions back door. So that's what's happening live right now. 

3. So we've got update, we've got mitigate, and I'm going to say subscribe-inate for the third step. Scroll down to the bottom of the page there and you'll see Subscribe to Joomla! Security - Vulnerable Extensions by Email and Subscribe to Joomla! Security - Recently Resolved Vulnerable Extensions by Email. When subscribed, you will be notified when there's a new extension on the VEL that's live, and one when it's resolved.

So that's the topic for today. Until I see you next, enjoy your Joomla sites and God bless.


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