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Log Folder Location Should be in the Administrator Folder

The Log folder is a great place to look for information when troubleshooting things on your #Joomla site. Where your log folder is located and where it should be located can often be two different things. Where your Joomla log folder should be, and how to move it there if it isn't, is what today's #maintenancemonday is all about.

The relevant transcript for this video is below.

logs folder informationToday's topic is where is the proper location for the logs folder in your Joomla install.  Today's topic is where is the proper location for the logs folder in your Joomla install.

When I was using Phil Taylor's myJoomla.com, I discovered that one of the sites had the logs folder in the wrong place. I thought today would be a great chance to clear that up. 

To do that, I'm going to pick my wife's piano site to use it as an example. First, we need to make sure that the logs folder is named correctly and in the right place, so go into the control panel then System - Global Configuration.  In there,  go to the System tab. Go to "Path to Log Folder" and you'll notice that I have not only misspelled it, it should be 'logs,' but also it is not in the administrator folder. So here on the server, we have the home and the 'keysbyth' is the account name; 'public _html' it should be '/administrator/logs'. So, we want to change that, and we can do so just by typing that in there. Let me double check to make sure that it is spelled correctly. It is. So 'administrator /logs'. 

Now at this point, all we need to do is save this, but we could take a quick look at the server tab and make sure that 'tmp' is in the 'public_html' folder. It is. So knowing that those two are correct, we can 'save and close' that. Now we've told Joomla where to write to the logs folder. 

But that doesn't change the fact that there probably is a 'log' or a 'logs' folder, depending on how things have been mangled in the past in the file space for your website, and so to correct that you want to go into the file manager for your website. My company uses cPanel for its web hosting control panel. Here we are, in the account for my wife's site. We're going to go to 'file manager' and then we want to go into the 'view the public HTML' folder.

Now you'll notice that because of various changes over the years and things that have not been done right or changes in format, in the public_html folder there is a folder which is called 'log' and there's a folder which is called 'logs.' Because I've just renamed the logs folder to log, I know that the current information for logs, before I change the setup, is going to be in this folder called 'log.' And here we see it is there and the most recent entry is today at 2:51 in the error.php and Joomla_update.php from March 14, 2018.

So, what we want to do, is go up a level, and just delete this log file, and the logs file will be automatically created in your administrator folder now that you've changed the address, or you could rename it logs and then move it into the administrator folder. But as you see I already have a folder here called logs, and so I could move that one up and empty it out. If we look inside of logs I see there's only an index.html file. I don't need that folder anymore, so I'm going to click on that and I'm just going to delete it. Next, with 'log', I will rename it logs and now all I need to do is move it.

I could do it two ways here. I can left-click on logs and click once and then left click and drag it over and move it up to administrator if I release, or I could also right-click and select 'move' and then type in the path for where it should go, which I think I will do this time, and now that is gone.

When I go into administrator there is 'logs,' and everything is set up the way that it should be. So that's the proper location for logs, and the proper location for your tmp folder just while we're mentioning it is in your public_html folder. There's tmp there.

So here is the snapshot of my wife's 88 keys by the Sea site in myJoomla.com and as we look down to look at issues we see that there is one that is raised here. It says Joomla logs temp folder locations should exist at default locations. There's one issue, and a great thing about this tool and many of the other tools on the scans is that there's lots of information to investigate and fix and you'll see that it is fixed now. It took a quick look and saw that I'd move those and no longer had the recommendations. 

So basically that is the topic for today. We looked at where you should put the 'logs' plural file. It goes in the administrator folder.

Thank you again for your support of this channel. Enjoy your Joomla sites. God bless.


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