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Christmas 2019 Live Stream Schedule

December 18th's Watch Me Work live stream (which I had already mentioned would happen at an yet to be announced unusual time) actually ended up being cancelled when my scheduled guest was suddenly unable to appear on the stream. I apologize for the lack of a quick update on social media.

For the rest of this month, here is the plan for live streams:

December 23 - There will be no live stream as we're celebrating an early Christmas with family who are here. But I do have a new tutorial recorded and set up to go live at the usual live stream time (UTC 19:00).

December 25 - Again there will be no live stream but I have a super duper speed optimization tutorial lined up for the usual stream time. I've actually been saving this speed tip for a special occasion, so Merry Christmas!

December 30 - Maintenance Monday live stream will take place as usual.

January 1 - Watch Me Work Live stream will resume. I am going to review my business goals for 2019 and then share my goals for 2020. I'm interested in what your goals are going to be so please send them and we'll make those part of the stream too!


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